Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Screen Printing

2010 was the year of relief printing and I have found it very satisfying as a creative process. But you know I found myself towards the end of the year just needing some .... lines... detail... something. As a result I enrolled on a screen printing course at the Edinburgh Printmakers. It was a weekend course and pretty intense.

You can see the result. There are 4 layers in all. Each layer was created on an acetate and then developed onto an emulsion layer on the screen. I wish I had more of a grasp of the technique before the course as I would have done more preparation. As it was I worked from photo taken this summer in Glenmore.

The views of scots pines in the Rothiemurchus estate have been haunting me all summer and I had been working on a linocut print. The resulting screen print is fairly rough and ready but I like it. Now I really want to get printing. I plan to combine relief and screen printing.


  1. Thats a nice print. Its good going to get it completed over a weekend, the course must have been intense.

  2. hi stuart, sorry I am a bit slow at noticing comments, I just assume I am blogging into the great unknown with no one reading! Glad you liked it. The course was great, I just need to get started on a screen print project now.