Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Bass Rock Revisited

So here is my latest offering. It is a view of the Bass Rock from the John Muir Country park at Tyninghame. I have been mulling over a 'pebbly' scene for a while. I love how the pebbles have turned out.

I started out using a blend of brown, blue and greys to set the background. Then I set out the Bass Rock and highlighted the breaking waves with the green. Next came the brown and blues of the rocks.

The first 2 proofs used a dark blue on the base Bass Rock but stopped after the first 2 as I wanted the Rock to receed more.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Christmas (or not) cards.

Having now absolved myself of the blog guilt I can now blog my latest creative activity. Combining my twin loves of chine-colle and trees, I designed a wee card. After initial reservations I am now v. pleased with the results.

Blog guilt!

I have been having blog guilt! but have been seriously busy. Firstly I was back in Ireland for half term, where I paid homage to THE 'Windmill Stump'. So watch this space for a moody Irish linocut!

Secondly I have been trying to sell some prints which takes more time than you would think. I did the Portobello Organic Market to day which was good fun. I have spent the best part of this week packaging and framing prints.