Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Nice people share!

As I kept reminding my daughter during her early years, sharing is a nice thing to do. So here I am, skillsharing merrily with 5 lovely, local, would be printers.The remit was to create a Christmas card using one lino block and chine collé. We had 3 hours to cut and print. Everyone was a novice relief printer and I was really impressed at how quickly everyone adapted their designs and produced the cards.
First up we see Barb creating a christmas elf being squashed by a bauble. Hurrah!

Then Sasha did a cute wee robin.

Sarah did a partridge with Matisse overtones. Her lovely assistants are Orianna and Tilly.
Here is Emily's take on the partridge.
Libby also went for a cute wee robin but then she does like cute wee Robins.
Here they are hard at it.

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