Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bass Rock revisited

I have to hold my hands up and admitt I am fairly obsessed with the Bass Rock. I love the sea and I love drawing and painting the sea and the Bass Rock gives focus and drama. Also, in East Lothian, it is hard to avoid this enormous white rock sticking out of the sea like a picturesque thumb. I do live in fear of becoming 'The Bass Rock Lady' and have resisted doing another print. But I do get alot of enquiries about my first Bass Rock print...

This print tries to capture drama of the white rock gleaming in a dark winter sky.
One of my favourite things as a child was a block of Neopolitan Icecream sitting resplendent in its cardboard wrapper in the aftermath of a sunday lunch. Every time I do a seascape blend of ink I am reminded of that joy.
 I do love a good blend. The joy is the tricky magicky shortcutness of it. E voila, sand, sea and sky in one deft layer!

 And finally the print.

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