Thursday, 25 October 2012

Baby needs a new pair of shoes (or bathroom in this case)

So it has been an age since I last blogged. I had a opportunity to do some contract work at the start of the year and the lure of hard cash was hard to refuse. And I could keep printing I assured myself. I didn't keep printing of course and, nice as my new bathroom is, I really missed printmaking. The contract was followed by school holidays during which I had a thoroughly nice time but again did not print.

Happily, rolling around Scotland and France in the campervan was an inspiration to get sketching. While the rest of Britain mopped around in the rain this summer NW Scotland was rather sunny and even drought stricken in places.

We went back to Cambusdarach  which is just paradise. Admittedly it did start to rain in the middle of this sketch .

Most of my sketches are in pastel or watercolour but I get fed up with carting loads of stuff round and inevitably not using it due to the faff factor. Inspired by Grayson Perry I invested in some brush style felt tips. They are light and easy to use on the move.

Here is a sketch of Cheverny, or as it is known in my house Captain Haddocks house.

I love the speed and also the limited colours force me to be ruthless and give a better defined sketch. Here is a less successful sketch of Honfleur (in my defence it started to rain again)

Anyway back to printmaking! At the end of the summer we visited Mull and stayed at Fidden Bay

I played with the idea of doing a stark rocks on the beach style print and sketched the rocks over and over again. The rocks print may happen later but I decided on a long landscape. I really wanted to create an image that captured the Ross of Mull. So sea, rocks, sky and of course sheep.

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